The Benefits of a Private Holistic Healing Retreat

Photo by Chelsea Call

Photo by Chelsea Call

My first personal experience of a retreat was my yoga teacher training in Costa Rica. When I initially signed up, I saw it as a way to get away and an educational experience—not so much a retreat per say. I was really surprised after my month away how much it was of all of the above. I left that training feeling more confident in myself, nourished in mind, body, and spirit, and much more clear on the direction I wanted to take my life at the time.

I realized how potent this experience was in relation to my own personal healing. The food I was eating helped quiet my mind and reset my body. The environment I was in was lush, beautiful and out of my normal element. I was meditating daily. The yogic teachings were helping me learn more about myself and enhancing my personal growth.

It was the ultimate self-care experience. I had ZERO responsibility other than showing up. And that was healing in itself. My anxiety had majorly decreased. I lost weight. And I felt completely re-energized about life.

My personal experience with this immersion played a huge influence on how I developed the private holistic healing retreat I now offer for Inner Circle.

I realized, “Wow, there’s something highly healing and effective when you go somewhere completely new, change your scenery, and you can completely focus on YOU. No responsibility. And you’re doing so many nourishing things for yourself. Pair this with holistic psychotherapy and art therapy and that could be something…”

I really wanted other women to experience this--to have this personal immersive holistic healing experience and environment. And to do it in a relatively short amount of time especially when many of us have the time constraints of jobs and families. A safe place for women to get away to from their day-to-day and to fully focus on themselves.

Not many of us get to have that, let alone allow ourselves to that. Or we try to implement this at home but we still get caught up in the day-to-day stressors and all of the new habits we’re trying to establish go out the window after a week.

I believe a holistic approach to healing emotionally, physically, and spiritually is the most effective, long-term solution. We can spend thousands of dollars and hours in traditional talk therapy and maybe see some change but not as much as we had hoped. Which leaves you feeling discouraged and returning to the same old habits.

I also believe, when we’re consistently (this is key) eating foods that nourish and heal our bodies, staying active on a daily basis, spending time in nature, engaging in a daily spiritual practice, and tending to our mental health, then we can see real change. It takes all of these components, working together, to create deep long-lasting healing.

Which is quite the opposite of what western medicine suggests—medicate and suppress the symptoms.

Many women (of various ages), from different parts of the country, have worked with me one-on-one on my private holistic healing retreat here in Santa Fe, New Mexico and they leave finally feeling clear on what’s prevented them from deeper, true healing.

My approach to holistic psychotherapy and art therapy is going to the root of the cause. Exploring what experiences in early development and childhood created these deeply seeded beliefs to manifest into unhealthy and toxic patterns in adulthood. These can significantly impact the relationship we have with ourselves and others. This can show up in a lot of different ways--everything from the reason why we become addicted to junk food to why we keep going back to toxic, unsatisfying romantic relationships.

Using art therapy, holistic psychology, yoga, meditation, and inner-child work, I help clients identify these core wounds and I share ways to begin healing these fragile parts of ourselves.

This, paired with eating clean whole foods daily, receiving other holistic treatments (like aromatherapy, Reiki, acupuncture, etc.), spending time out in nature, and a lot of quiet reflection and rest, have helped my clients find the clarity and courage to change their lives and live their truth to the fullest.

Here is what some of my clients have shared about their private holistic healing retreat experiences:

“Absolutely amazing! Kelsey is the best of the best. After 6 years of conventional mental health care, Kelsey has helped me more than all that together in just 5 days. Kelsey is so easy to talk to and very understanding. Worth every minute and every penny! I highly recommend Inner Circle Retreats." – Cora

"The experience I had working with Kelsey was indescribable. She is amazing, caring, professional, vibrant, knowledgeable, understanding, open and genuine. The execution of her practice is like no other and her approach is extremely effective. I couldn't be happier with my choice to embark on this journey and am 100% satisfied with the results of my retreat." – Lindsey

“Yes, I came away different. And I meditate every day. And I lost weight. And I feel better, and gradually am gaining the desire to face more demons as I am far from perfect.  Rather, I'm allowing positive changes in my life because I changed my practices. Kelsey found a way to guide me, teach me, to let a little change into my life here and there. Kelsey is a born healer. If you are truly ready to change, she's your woman!” - Kit

This retreat is for those who are ready for deep, profound change. Who are ready to put the effort into their own healing and growth. For those who are ready to really learn about and love themselves in a whole new way.

The techniques and work I offer have not only helped me to find healing on a personal level but also the clients I have worked with. I am passionate about sharing the transformational effects of holistic practices with others. When we heal ourselves, we can help others heal too.

It is our birthright to discover healing for ourselves and shine brightly. We can continue to choose to play small, living life through our own pain, or we can face our wounds head on and transform our lives.