Why Plateauing is a Positive Sign in Our Personal Growth + Healing

Photo by David Contreras via Unsplash

Photo by David Contreras via Unsplash

One of the most discouraging and frustrating experiences I witness for my clients is when they’ve hit a plateau or roadblock in their healing journey. Especially, when it happens immediately after their holistic healing retreat. To go from this contained, nurturing healing environment back into the “real world” can be jarring and challenging. For some clients they may go back into their home life for a few weeks, hit the ground running, and then suddenly feel stuck again.

It’s like they’ve hit a plateau in their growth.

I understand and know this frustrating experience all too well on a personal level!

Even outside of experiencing a holistic healing retreat or doing this type of personal self-work, this sensation of reaching a plateau is very common. We can see this happen within our relationships, careers, health journeys, etc.

 Bottom line is that it’s discouraging. Especially if we’re unconscious about it. We want to throw in the towel. It’s easy to become consumed by the plateau effect and believe things have stopped growing or changing.

 I have to remind my clients (and myself) that plateauing is a part of the healing journey. Just like all things in life there’s an ebb and flow. Sometimes the ebb is longer than the flow or vice versa. But it’s inevitable that we will have many plateau moments throughout the course of our process.

 It doesn’t mean something is “wrong”. It doesn’t mean you’re not working “hard enough”. It just means you’re a human being and the universe is challenging you.

 That latter statement is one of the best pieces of advice that I received from my own spiritual teacher. When we hit a plateau we can empower ourselves by choosing to see it as an opportunity. It’s the universe testing or challenging us—asking us how bad do we want this? Are we really willing to continue to make the changes we need to? Can you do what it takes?

 For me this has been tried and true in many different situations. Whether it’s been in the context of my own spiritual growth, personal healing, my health, or my business, I’ve experienced these plateaus in my growth and have had to remind myself that this is the universal test. The universe knows how strong I’m getting and how much I’m expanding. And it’s challenging me to go even deeper within myself to find that strength to move forward on my path.

Nothing worth having ever comes easy. And true change comes from continually stretching ourselves out of our comfort zones. See each plateau as elevating to the next level.

When I hear clients say to me, “things have been going so great until last week—I feel like suddenly I’m taking a few steps backward” or “I feel like I’m not having as many “aha” moments as I was”, I say “Congratulations! The universe knows how strong you’re getting and is challenging you to be even more stronger, braver, and conscious.”

 To me this is a healthy sign of our strength. And that the universe believes in you. God never presents us with something that we aren’t already ready to handle. Remember to trust in the process—even when you reach a plateau.