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Denise Saccone, LISW, R-DMT


I believe all healing begins in Nature. 

Whether watching the sun rise or set, walking through an old-growth forest, immersing in the cool ocean waters or hot mineral springs, digging in the dirt or planting a garden, skiing down a mountain, or smelling a freshly picked bouquet of flowers, when we consciously connect with the Natural World around us, our Soul starts to settle, our body takes a deep Breath of Life, our Heart opens just a little more, and the healing process begins. 

Whether meditating, dancing, singing, journal-writing, creating art, praying, composing music (or just listening to it), comforting a friend, writing creatively, or any other activity or intention that allows us to express the Truth that already lies within us, when we consciously connect with our Inner Nature and return to Who We Are, we begin to heal.

My deep healing began 30 years ago, at the age of 25, when I consciously decided to give birth to My Self.  I had become so bound to ‘tribal consciousness’ – that is, blindly living up to the expectations of others, trying to fit in where I knew I didn’t belong, and desperately pretending to be who and what everyone else wanted, and even needed, me to be – that I began to forget who I AM.  When, at such a young age, I was already facing a divorce after a miserable two-year marriage, I realized that I had to not only restart My Life, but also reclaim My Soul.  When we sacrifice Our Self to tribal beliefs, when we perpetually subjugate our needs to the needs of others, the Soul goes into hiding.  And, as Zora Neale Hurston proclaimed, “Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.”

These realizations, and the evolutionary processes that they led me to and through, liberated me – as the only True Freedom is True Consciousness.  As I consistently and consciously (and, frequently, painfully) chose to live the Life I was meant to live, I learned to love My Self by speaking My Truth, and I learned to speak more of My Truth by loving My Self.  And Life became less painful, and more Joyful and meaningful.

A significant part of my healing journey into Self-Love came at the age of 28 when I decided to leave a lucrative career as a market research analyst and go to graduate school to become a therapist – something I had known I wanted to be since I was 12.  I attended Hunter College School of Social Work where I earned my Master’s of Social Work and my Master’s of Science in Dance Movement Therapy.

I worked at an inner-city hospital in Brooklyn for over 6 years, which was very rewarding and enriching in so many ways, but something else was calling me . . .  Santa Fe, New Mexico!  I yearned for a life that was simpler, more spiritual, and deeply connected to Nature.  (Very hard to find in New York City!)  So, I packed up and moved here in early 2002.  (I now live on a 12-1/2 acre horse ranch in Pojoaque, New Mexico.)

I started my private practice in January 2006, and my healing practice has evolved as I have.  In 2012, I began working with Wisdom of the Earth essential oils – first for My Self, and then with my clients.  In 2015, I became a Certified Aromatherapist.  Working with pure, therapeutic-grade Essential Oils helps us heal on all five levels, which is essential for our most complete healing.  The oils address the imbalances and dis-ease we experience in the etheric body, the mental body, the emotional body, the spiritual body, and the physical body.  As we build a relationship with the vital energy (or Essence) of the plants, trees and flowers, we deepen our connection to our body’s ability to naturally heal itself.  And as we deepen our connection to Our Self and our healing, we build a stronger relationship to the Natural World (or the Wisdom of the Earth).

So, we come full circle . . . to the deepest knowing that all healing begins in Nature.

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