Serena Rieke

intuitive listening + Human Design Readings

The first time I ever encountered Tarot was when I was a little girl. My best friend lived in a maze of dirt roads just south of Santa Fe. The dried arroyos were our playgrounds for fairytale quests and adventures. One day in the summer, she produced a Tarot deck and pretended to read my fortune. I wondered how she knew what any of the strange pictures meant--because to me it appeared to be pure magic. It didn't occur to me until I was an adult that she herself probably had no idea exactly what the cards meant but she understood the feelings that they invoked inside each of us. Later as a teenager I bought a deck at a garage sale. It was the deck of Thoth designed by the infamous Alastair Crowley and painted by Lady Frieda Harris. At the time I was doing multi-media artwork in antique books. I integrated the Tarot cards into the pages splashed with silk dye and overlapped handwriting. I still did not understand the definition of the cards but the magic within the images mimicked my art-making process and released deep seeded emotions within me. 

My passion for reading tarot emerged in my mid-20s and although I started with a simpler deck I quickly navigated it back towards Thoth deck. This is the deck that I use today. I love it for it's complexity--blending astrology with ancient cultures and multiple religions. The imagery on the cards is beautiful, filled with symbolism and power. When I integrated Tarot into my every day life, new pathways, healing, and deep understandings unveiled themselves to me. When you pull cards you can connect to your intuitions, inner truth, your essence. You also connect with your guides, the spirit and the harmony of the universe. It's a beautiful way to receive information about ourselves, the path we are on and the quest to connect deeply with our highest truth.

In my readings I sit with people and listen to their story. We often speak of the past and what needs to be cleared from their pathway to allow them to move freely into the future. In this space I decide what kind of Tarot reading is best for the client. I also incorporate human design into many of my sessions. I use intuitive listening skills, and guidance from higher consciousness to explain what the cards are unveiling to the client. 

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