Your Holistic Healing Retreat Guide

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Kelsey Ullrich, LMHC, MA, CYT
Lead Healing Retreat Guide, Art Therapist + Holistic Coach

Your heart is calling is to be healed. Your soul is ready to be awakened. We can become consumed by fear, doubt, anxiety, grief, anger, insecurity, and lose ourselves. I know this feeling all to well because I too, once felt this. For myself, I found healing through intensive emotional, spiritual, and holistic work. From this personal experience and intensive study and training in holistic psychology, art therapy, yoga, and meditation, I discovered my calling to help others heal. I don't believe anyone is too wounded or too lost. I believe our pain helps us develop deeper empathy and inner strength. As a licensed mental health counselor, I am wildly passionate about helping individuals heal from their emotional suffering and want to see my clients shine and connect to their most empowered self. It is our birth right to live our truth and show up as our most authentic selves.

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The Inner Circle Community

I'm so excited to share my "inner circle" with you. Below, you can meet several talented and intuitive women in the community who are each gifted in specialized healing modalities. I have personally worked with each and every one of these women and can attest to the work they do.

Client's can customize their private healing retreat by adding on these services.